I am a software developer specializing in web and mobile applications.

I am a software developer specializing in web and mobile applications.



A ratio calculator for brewing coffee, complete with a unit converter and timer. BrewRatio is built with JavaScript + Flow, React Native, and MobX. Available for download on the App Store. Tip: A 1:16 ratio of coffee to water is a good place to start experimenting with your coffee recipe.

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React Matchable

A quiz app inspired by the Clickable Matching Quiz format by Sporcle. Quiz data can contain 2 or more columns, and all state is stored in a single object, allowing view components to be pure functions. React Matchable is built with React, Redux, Redux Saga, Radium, and Lodash. It uses the excellent Babel JavaScript compiler to transpile ES2015 and JSX, and is bundled using Webpack.

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Chuck's Taplist

A filterable, sortable table of what's currently on tap at Chuck's Hop Shop. The Node.js backend uses X-ray to scrape data from the Chuck's Hop Shop website, while the client application utilizes React, React Router, and Material-UI to deliver a beautiful material design-compliant user interface.

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Project Resume

Project Resume is a web app that simplifies the online experience of building a resume. My role in this collaborative effort was to take charge of front-end infrastructure, user authentication, and communication between client and server. Technologies used include Node.js, Express, AngularJS, Socket.IO, Passport, and MongoDB.

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
React/Redux, AngularJS 1.X, Backbone.js,
Node.js, Express

Objective-C, Foundation, UIKit,
Mantle, CocoaPods, Xcode